The miracle of water.

Bet you didn't know that yet?

It bubbles, flows, floods, gurgles, meanders, bubbles, splashes, swells, rushes, foams, sloshes, boils, bubbles, drips, seeps, swirls, surges and hisses. Incessantly. All the time. What luck! Because as you've probably already heard, water is life and you great human child are made up of an average of 65 per cent of it. But did you also know that ...

  • ... access to water has been a human right since 2010?
  • ... 5 trillion litres of rain fall in South Tyrol every year?
  • ... is the best solvent in the world?
  • ... is the only natural chemical compound that occurs in three states of aggregation?
  • ... a dripping tap wastes 5,000 litres a year?
  • ... the Mpemba effect is still unexplained today? (Be sure to google it!)
  • ... an Englishman accidentally invented sparkling water in 1767?
  • ... we have our own water supply at the Runa? 

Actually, we have two: the water for our nature hotel flows from the Runa Bründl and the Kaltenbrunn spring. We use the unique  wellwasser®-technology. for the purest (in the truest sense of the word) drinking pleasure. This enables us to offer still and sparkling water of first-class quality and "incidentally" saves on empty bottles and long transport routes. If you want to know why mum nature is so important to us and why we call ourselves a "nature hotel", why not take a look here


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