Alpine wellness


Those who lived here in the past were wise. Though not necessarily in the conventional sense. Their way of life, ingrained in the alpine pasture, holds the secret to rejuvenation. Embrace this ethos and witness first-hand how the interplay of fire and ice-cold water, abundant fresh air, sunshine, gentle exercise, wholesome food and genuine human connections unlock the door to your happiness. 

So lovely!

Sweat with a sensational view. Relax amidst the most magnificent mountain scenery. Our intimate alpine sauna landscape is extraordinary.

Your haven for peace and quiet

Here, silence reigns supreme! Runa’s panoramic relaxation room allows your body to unwind and your mind to find peace. 

The art of Alpine wellness

Massages are like soulful caresses. Indulge yourself and feel good all round. With natural cosmetic treatments in our Alm-Spa.


Go to bed in peace. Quietly settle down for a good night. Discover our peaceful retreats for the best sleep you’ll ever have.

for 2 - 4 people / 32 m² / from 158€

Falken Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 42 m² / from 172 €

Adler Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 137 €

Double Room Hirsch

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Steinbock

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for 2 - 4 people / 33 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Gams

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for 2 - 8 people / 28 m² / from 89 €

Multi-bed room Fuchsbau

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Mountain air and therapeutic warmth

Ignite your inner radiance. Rekindle the flames of new-found vitality within. Shed the burdens of the day and enjoy in a sauna experience amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Alpe di Rodengo-Luson.

High above the Val d’Isarco and far removed from everyday life, immerse yourself in the heat of our Finnish sauna and savour the gentle warmth of the herbal sauna. Tailor your sauna ritual to your preferences, it’s all there: A magnificent panoramic relaxation area, invigorating experience showers and, last but not least, our alpine garden. Runa’s Almsauna awaits you daily from 1 pm to 6 pm. Let us know if you would like to use them, so you can help us to conserve resources.

Alpine sauna for everyone

Runa’s Sauna Tuesday

Treat yourself or someone dear to a special experience. Every Tuesday evening, we open our sauna to external guests as well. From 6 pm to 8 pm, join us for the art of sauna bathing in great company and soak in the relaxed alpine ambiance. We look forward to your reservation; call or email us to secure your exclusive spot.

Runa’s Alpine Sauna Package includes: 

  • a welcome drink
  • a well-filled wellness bag with bathrobe, slippers and sauna towels 
  • fine tea and light snacks
  • Price per person: EUR 30.

Here’s another hot tip, quite literally: pair your sauna Tuesday with a delightful dinner. Enjoy a mouthwatering alpine dish of your choice in Runa’s alpine restaurant. Price per person: EUR 50.

Contact that touches deeply

Your skin is your connection to the outside world. It shields and feels for you, reflecting the state of your inner being. An alpine getaway is a perfect chance to lavish love and care on your skin. Discover exquisite massages and carefully selected treatments featuring authentic South Tyrolean natural cosmetics at the Runa Nature Hotel. We eagerly await your reservation:

Runas Alm-Massages:

Full body massage 50 min 65 €

Partial back/neck massage 25 min 48 €

Alpine sports massage 50 min 67 €

Aromatic oil massage 50 min 69 €

Foot reflexology massage 25 min 50 €

For hand and foot and soul:

Manicure  50 min 39 € 

Manicure with nail polish 50 min 42 €

Pedicure  50 min 47 €

Pedicure with nail polish 50 min 49 €

Beautiful eyes:

Eyebrow shaping approx. 15 min 12 € 

Eyebrow colouring approx. 20 min 13 €

Eyebrow shaping and colouring approx. 30 min 21 € 

Eyelash tinting approx. 20 min 15 €

Warm wax for silky smooth skin:

Upper lip approx. 15 min 12 €

Leg complete ca. 50 min 47 €

Leg to knee approx. 30 min 32 €

Bikini line or armpits approx. 15 min 17 €

Chest or back approx. 30 min 32 €

Had enough rest?
After such a day of wellness day on the ( Runa Alm
) you’ll be ready for a little ( Adventure
) Explore the natural beauty of the ( Alpe di Rodengo-Luson
) through hiking, cross-country skiing, biking, tobogganing, trail running, snow-shoeing or simply walking. 


Made just for you? Always made for you. Explore packages, deals and offers tailored just for you and your dreams.

09.05.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 4 nights / from 518 €

Runa’s 4-day fresh air cure

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30.06.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 7 nights / from 870 €

Mountain pasture life

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11.08.2024 - 18.08.2024 / 7 nights / from 1.043 €

Lorenzi nights

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01.09.2024 - 29.09.2024 / 7 nights / from 834 €

Sunrise deluxe

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10.10.2024 - 13.10.2024 / 3 nights / from 405 €

Transhumance THU-SUN

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15.12.2024 - 30.03.2025 / 4 nights / from 594 €

Short stay

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