Holidays at the Runa


Larches and firs, steep trails and air as pure as fresh as the driven snow. An endless succession of peaks, accompanied by a silence you’ve never experienced before. Close your eyes for a moment. And now imagine you’re already there. At 1,832 metres above sea level. On the longest upland pastures in Europe. With us. 

At the Runa Nature Hotel.

Rejoice to the skies

The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is a high plateau in South Tyrol’s Val d’Isarco and there’s no better place to find what you seek. 

Get a taste for it

Authentic food. Genuine South Tyrolean cookery. The Val d’Isarco is renowned for its cuisine. Chef Alex too. He’s personally in charge of the cooking. 

Switching off is easy

Not an empty marketing promise, but a fact: the Runa is perfect for a digital detox. Mobile phone signal? Very rare up here. 

You are absolutely beautiful!

Body and soul. Heart and hair. We’re here to indulge you and your wonderful self. With the power of nature and ancient alpine wisdom. 

A mountain holiday like no other

Barely any signal. Barely any worries. Lots of room for you and all that makes you so lovable.

You’re seeking tranquillity. Nature. The real thing. Runa is your place: An alpine pasture for centuries. A nature hotel for some time now. A timeless sanctuary where people pause, take a breathe and return to the version of themselves they like best. Because the mountains ask no questions. The meadows and forests want nothing from you. The sky asks for nothing in return. But you can expect a lot from us and our Runa Nature Hotel: enjoyment and happiness, for instance. Genuine relaxation and the purest air that ever flowed through your lungs. Little delights and the fine art of hospitality. Expansive hiking trails and cross-country skiing tracks and sauna and wild animal tracks in the fresh snowfall. We’d be over the moon if you decided to explore a little. And even more so if you visited us in person soon. 


Go to bed in peace. Quietly settle down for a good night. Discover our peaceful retreats for the best sleep you’ll ever have.

for 2 - 4 people / 32 m² / from 158€

Falken Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 42 m² / from 172 €

Adler Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 137 €

Double Room Hirsch

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Steinbock

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for 2 - 4 people / 33 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Gams

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for 2 - 8 people / 28 m² / from 89 €

Multi-bed room Fuchsbau

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Runa Nature Hotel

Once a mountain pasture. Now a sanctuary. Always a refuge for special people like yourself.

Cherished. Cared for. Brought from yesterday to today with love and devotion. Discover what makes Runa such a unique place and what special things you can look forward to experiencing. 

Take a look!

Active holiday

Get moving. Keep moving. The mountains are your playground.

They say you can’t run away from anything. Science says otherwise. So do we. Rediscover your strength while hiking or cross-country skiing. Feel the magic of the mountain air. 

Up, up!

Alpine wellness

The purest water. The clearest air. Ancient wisdom and new ideas. The Runa is all about you.

A moment of respite for the heart. Serenity descends upon the soul. Enjoy moments that are solely yours in the restorative nature of the mountains. Your spirits will soar in the mountain air. 

Come and see!

Alpe di Rodengo-Luson

Cultural landscape. Natural paradise. A picture book of a place.

People have been attracted to it from an early age. Not the biggest, but the longest high alpine pasture in Europe. An area pulsating with energy. Today more than ever. Here’s why that is the case. 

Read on!


Made just for you? Always made for you. Explore packages, deals and offers tailored just for you and your dreams.

09.05.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 4 nights / from 518 €

Runa’s 4-day fresh air cure

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30.06.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 7 nights / from 870 €

Mountain pasture life

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11.08.2024 - 18.08.2024 / 7 nights / from 1.043 €

Lorenzi nights

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01.09.2024 - 29.09.2024 / 7 nights / from 834 €

Sunrise deluxe

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10.10.2024 - 13.10.2024 / 3 nights / from 405 €

Transhumance THU-SUN

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15.12.2024 - 30.03.2025 / 4 nights / from 594 €

Short stay

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