South Tyrolean Nature Hotel


Let happiness seek you out. Runa is the perfect place for it. Life up here is special. Far removed from the world. And yet it is intimately linked to the rhythm of nature, with its great and subtle wonders and gifts. These are often overlooked by us humans on our journey through life. If you wish, your holiday at Runa will give you the opportunity and freedom to reconnect with the core of your being. It’s as simple as it is magnificent. Fresh air. The mountains. Pristine water. Outdoor adventures. Good food. Tranquillity. 

Genuine hospitality

Your holiday means the world to us. We’ve been creating unforgettable mountain memories with our guests since 1930. 

Small but lovely

15 exclusive Alpine rooms just waiting for you and your relaxation. Your natural oasis awaits you in every suite and room.

Good taste

Your host, Alex, is personally in charge of the kitchen and will spoil you with authentic South Tyrolean cuisine. Delicious! 

Blissfully secluded

The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is a true hidden gem for those seeking peace, relaxation and true mountain charm. 

At the heart of the action

Paradise is on your doorstep. Hiking, biking, trail running, cross-country skiing or snowshoe hiking, the most beautiful trails start right from our front door.  

Your Runa

The luxury of simplicity. The uniqueness of nature.

Pick up your feet and run. You’ll soon see how far they can take you over the Alpe di Rodengo-Luson. Or, rest your legs, hands in your lap and feel your spirits soar. Enjoy the finest in alpine wellness or do nothing at all in the sun. Fill your belly with authentic South Tyrolean cuisine and let your heart overflow with joy. Twist and turn as you please. Wherever you look, the peaks of the Val d’Isarco, the Pfunderer mountains and the Zillertal Alps will keep you company. The Runa Nature Hotel is your refuge at any time of the year. Come alone. Or bring all your favourite people with you. You and your gang will be welcomed with open arms!


Go to bed in peace. Quietly settle down for a good night. Discover our peaceful retreats for the best sleep you’ll ever have.

for 2 - 4 people / 32 m² / from 158€

Falken Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 42 m² / from 172 €

Adler Suite

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 137 €

Double Room Hirsch

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for 2 - 4 people / 28 - 32 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Steinbock

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for 2 - 4 people / 33 m² / from 128 €

Double Room Gams

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for 2 - 8 people / 28 m² / from 89 €

Multi-bed room Fuchsbau

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Hey kids!

Why our little people need big alpine happiness.

Up here at Runa, we’ve never needed flashy entertainment or loud distractions. Why, you ask? Because our playground is a masterpiece of nature. Mother Nature herself! Generations of children have found solace in the crisp mountain air, enjoying a summer retreat high above the hustle and bustle of the world. Now, more than ever, children need fresh air and sunshine, the soft touch of furry friends and a sprinkling of imagination. This happens naturally at the Runa Nature Hotel. Because when there’s less of the ‘too much,’ what’s left becomes an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime. 

No porkies here!

From the mountain pasture to your plate. Enjoy meat responsibly, with healthy animals and respect for nature.

Our nature hotel welcomes furry friends. Your dog is very welcome. As long as it knows how to behave around our farm animals. Because they’re special to us. At Runa, we breed Hungarian Mangalica pigs and their Spanish cousins, the Iberian pigs. Our mother pigs and their piglets are free to be themselves. From their first breath to their last. Our deep respect for these amazing creatures motivates us, and we firmly believe that you’re going to enjoy meat, this is how it should be. If you’re going to raise animals, it should be like this. The entire life cycle of our pigs, from birth to processing, takes place here at Runa. Any questions? Your host, head chef, and pig boss Alex will be happy to answer them. Oh, and one more thing: the Runa pigs particularly like to be scratched behind the left ear. 


Future. Past. History. Join us on a journey through time.

Simple alpine hut. Military depot. Trailside tavern for hikers. The Runa has already been many things. What will it be next? It is in our hands. And yours! Let’s write the best holiday stories together.

Take a look!


A feast for the palate. Tradition on a plate. Goodness for your taste buds.

Great food has always been a priority up here. The altitude makes you hungry. Not just for food, but for life. Dig in and discover the culinary diversity of South Tyrol, masterfully interpreted by Chef Alex.

Dinner is ready!


Made just for you? Always made for you. Explore packages, deals and offers tailored just for you and your dreams.

09.05.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 4 nights / from 518 €

Runa’s 4-day fresh air cure

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30.06.2024 - 03.11.2024 / 7 nights / from 870 €

Mountain pasture life

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11.08.2024 - 18.08.2024 / 7 nights / from 1.043 €

Lorenzi nights

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01.09.2024 - 29.09.2024 / 7 nights / from 834 €

Sunrise deluxe

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10.10.2024 - 13.10.2024 / 3 nights / from 405 €

Transhumance THU-SUN

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15.12.2024 - 30.03.2025 / 4 nights / from 594 €

Short stay

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Listen up!
) holds its own against its big sister over in Siusi. With peaks all around, your lucky star is within reach. This is the ultimate setting for ( ACTIVE DAYS
) in the crisp mountain air or a retreat with ( ALPINE WELLNESS
) and blissful tranquillity. Follow your heart. What is it whispering to you?

Unforgettable moments

Celebrate good times and party. Make the most of every moment.

Seal your love with an Alpine wedding. Celebrate life’s milestones against the backdrop of the majestic South Tyrolean mountains. Give yourself and your loved ones the celebration you deserve. 

Party mood?


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