The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson


South Tyrol’s high alpine pastures are destinations of desire. Since time immemorial. These landscapes are deeply engraved in the collective memory of entire generations. They are inextricably linked to people’s cultural DNA. Maybe with yours too soon? The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is your kingdom of folklore. Your place for racing over every mountain, your secret hideaway from the big, noisy world. Look how beautifully quiet it is here. Let yourself go wild. Amidst the wild winter white and the greenest green you’ve ever seen. 

Car-free region

Holidays on foot. Using pedal power. Enjoy the fresh air and soothing silence.

The most beautiful peaks

Countless mountains. Incredibly stunning views. Revel in the serene mountain setting and sensational distant vistas.

Magnificent nature

Fox, hare, wild herbs, rare plants. And you’re part of it all. What will you discover today? 

A true hidden gem

Even more beautiful than its big sister?

We don’t want to discount the magic of the ‘relative’. The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is not quite as big as the Alpe di Siusi. But it’s at least as magical. By far less frequented. But just as unspoilt and close to nature. And perhaps even more diverse. The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is the longest high mountain pasture in Europe. There’s plenty of space for you. And the animals, much like yourself, spend their summer holidays up here. Between Zumis and Passo delle Erbe you can pick golden sunbeams in the autumn. You blossom with nature in the spring and when winter sets in, you become the king of the South Tyrolean snow. 

So many possibilities.

Keep your feet still. Or let them go. To the horizon and beyond.

You’ll never tire of it. The mountain lakes and summit peaks and the many countless little wonders waiting for you along the way. The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson is a Garden of Eden, a kingdom of heaven in its own right. Nowhere else is doing nothing as delightful as here. Sit by the Runa’s door and let your thoughts wander. Or just put one foot in front of the other and run as fast as your legs can carry you. Pedal away. Glide on narrow skis through the icy air. Reconnect with your true nature.


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Have you seen it yet?
Some people say that the view from the ( Runa Alm
) is a little marvel of nature. What’s certain, though, are the fantastic opportunities an ( Active holiday
) in the Dolomites provides. Recharge, breathe in the mountain air, and indulge in some exquisite ( Alpine wellness
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