Alpine summer


With every step, your heart lifts higher. Anticipation bubbles within you as you come closer. One more bend and you’ll finally reach Runa. When summer graces the Dolomites, it’s time for daring adventures, cascades of joy and childlike wonder. Prepare for thrilling outdoor challenges or simply bask in sweet idleness. The Alpe di Rodengo-Luson beckons as your haven for long-distance hikes and your ultimate adventure playground. It’s your sanctuary and alpine paradise. 

Surrounded by nature

At 1,832 metres, you can enjoy a 360-degree mountain panorama in the Alpe di Rodengo-Luson nature reserve. 

This peace and quiet!

Our nature hotel and its alpine meadows are a hidden gem. Here, silence reigns supreme. 

Moving mountains

Whether you’re pushing your limits or gently reconnecting with yourself, hiking, biking, or walking trails await you right outside our doors.

Source of vitality

The expansive vistas, the crisp mountain air, and our delectable cuisine make Runa a sanctuary for rejuvenating your zest for life. 

High and wide

Step by step, one foot in front of the other. It’s as simple as that. And yet, so beautiful. Explore the hiking paradise of Alpe di Rodengo-Luson, the Munich-Venice long-distance hiking trail and the Dolorama high-altitude trail.

In the alpine region of Rio Pusteria, the network of hiking trails is extensive and intricately woven across the mountains. Our Runa Nature Hotel sits at 1,832 metres above sea level on the Alpe di Rodengo-Luson. As the longest high alpine pasture in Europe, it connects the Alpi Aurine with the Alpe di Luson in the Dolomites. To the north, Val Pusteria welcomes you, while Val Gardena begins to in the east. It’s no surprise that a single holiday isn’t enough to explore all the hiking trails in the region. The sheer number is complemented by a wonderful variety. Just step outside our Alpine door and decide: Do you want to explore the high Alps or follow the Munich-Venice long-distance hiking trail? Perhaps you’ll simply take a leisurely stroll through the alpine greenery or roam around our sun-kissed high plateau. One of the favourite challenges for our sporty Runa guests is the  Dolorama-high-altitude trail with its 4 breathtakingly beautiful day stages starts directly at the nature hotel. 

Get pedalling

A summer holiday in the saddle is like a gentle breeze for your soul. Experience a sense of freedom that can only be found in the mountains. Master challenges or take all the time in the world. Cycle over every mountain or simply follow your nose.

The Rio Pusteria region, which also includes our stunning Alpe di Rodengo-Luson, is like a vast playground for cycling and biking enthusiasts. You can enjoy cycling on the many, many forest trails in the area with or without the assistance of an electric motor. Perhaps you’re intrigued by the challenges of the Transalp route, which passes directly by Runa, stretching from Mittenwald (Germany) to Lake Garda? If you and your bike prefer scenic routes over steep climbs, the Val Pusteria cycle path is perfect for you. Starting from Rio di Pusteria, it spans 76.4 kilometres to Lienz in East Tyrol, Austria. Plus, there’s a charging station for e-bikes conveniently located at the Runa Nature Hotel. 


Go to bed in peace. Quietly settle down for a good night. Discover our peaceful retreats for the best sleep you’ll ever have.

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Falken Suite

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Adler Suite

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Double Room Hirsch

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Double Room Steinbock

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Double Room Gams

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Multi-bed room Fuchsbau

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Snowy wonderland

Up here, it’s chilly. A snowflake lands softly on your shoulder, and suddenly, you’re transported into a fairy tale. What tale will you weave? Amidst the quiet of the alpine winter, your heart’s voice will surely echo.

With every step, the snow sparkles and glistens in the crystal-clear air. Wander far. Run freely. On silent footsteps or narrow skis, embrace a winter wonderland that is second to none. 

Experience Runa’s alpine winter

In the mood for some relaxation?
Our ( Runa Nature hotel
) is the ultimate spot to unwind. Surrender to the finest ( Alpine wellness
) , live in the moment, indulge in the ( DELECTABLE CUISINE
) and, if the mood strikes, take a leisurely stroll across the lush green meadows of the ( ALPE DI RODENGO-LUSON
) . And afterwards – treat yourself to another glass on our sun-drenched terrace. Why not?


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Runa’s 4-day fresh air cure

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Mountain pasture life

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